anywhereUSB device is installed but remains unconfigured

We have an anywhereUSB device on a VM machine (running W2k3) All drivers are installed, and de dongle attached to it is working. In the configuration utility everything shows us it’s OK (status : connected to this computer) exept for the status bar. It shows : total discovered : 1 connected to me : 0 available for connection : 0 in use : 0 unconfigured : 1. This is strange, as we have an IP address and the device is configured to the server.

The big problem is that we can not upgrade the dongle attached to it, and support of the software doesn’t want to help us, saying there is a problem with the device. We already uninstalled the software and reinstalled it. Does anybody have an idea what else we can do?


I’m not sure what you mean by “upgrade the dongle”. Upgrade the driver, or replace it with a different piece of hardware? Something else?

Why can’t you upgrade it? Any error messages?

Please take a screen capture of your AnywhereUSB Configuration Utility and e-mail it to jmcbane (at) Before taking the screen capture, click “View / Driver Information” and drag that window to the side so I can see it as well. To take the screen capture, press the Print Screen key on your keyboard then open Microsoft Paint (start, Run, “mspaint”, OK) and paste it in there, then save it as a .jpg.

Jeremy, was there any update to this situation? I just set up my AnywhereUSB last night and I have the exact same situation as the OP. In my case, the AnywhereUSB device seems to be working but my status bar says exactly what the OP’s said including “Unconfigured: 1”.

Unfortunately, not yet. This problem has been reported by a couple of other customers and thankfully only appears to be cosmetic.