AnywhereUSB2 - need to enter domain name instead of IP to Discovery List

In the Anywhere USB Configuration Utility > Discovery List, I would like to enter domain name instead of IP, but the field accepts only IP. Is there a way around this, or do you have another product that would let me use domain name instead of IP?


assuming you talk about the obsolete 2nd generation (G2) AW-USB-2.
If you can’t enter a hostname and only IP in the web interface, did you try the command line interface (CLI)?

also be aware that “discovery” will only work in local networks via broadcast, so it has to be the same local network and the AW-USB-2 would need to know to resolve the hostname into a local IP through an appropriate set DNS .

Does your AW-USB-2 indeed use a dynamic IP but static hostname? Is the IP supposed to change?

You might try the new 3rd generation (G3) AnywhereUSB Plus products. But also I have never been trying to use a hostname or fully qualified domain name there.