AnywhereUSB2 Remote Hub Configuration and Windows 10, why am i getting no detection

I have a brand new AnywhereUSB2 device that I have configured with a static IP address and connected to our network. I have multiple Virtual Machines that I would like connected to this device and specifically the windows 10 VM is not able to detect the device. I can see the device from a Server 2012 R2 or 2008 R2 VM but not from windows 10.

I have verified the firewall is off on all of the VM’s, they are using the same VM NIC type, and are on the same network. From the web interface of the digi device I can ping both the 2008 r2 server and the 2012 r2 server but once again not the Windows 10 VM.

The following knowledge base article might prove useful here:

Thanks, I already went through that article…im thinking it is a network configuration issue because if I add a second NIC to the windows 10 VM and place it on another network the discovery tool works. Its just that other servers are able to detect the digi device while on the same network as the windows 10 VM has been. Strangeness