Device Discovery Not Finding, but Hub Configuration It

I have a new USBAnywhere/2 . The initial setup worked fine from a Windows 7 PC. The device was going to be moved to a different subnet without DHCP, so I set a static IP address on the device for the new subnet.
Moved Digi device to new subnet. From Windows Server 2008R2 virtual machine I ran the driver EXE. The Remote Hub Configuration Utility was able to find the device and was able to connect. I ran the Digi Device Discovery application, but I keep getting ‘No devices found’.
Why would the Configuration Utility find the device without a problem, but the discovery tool not? They are both being ran from the same VM. The VM and Digi device are on the same subnet. I am able to open the Web UI as well.


You should go to the device manager of your Windows Server 2008R2 and update the driver of your USBAnywhere/2.

It should work after that.