Apple Airport Extreme using Hubport/4c DC


Before I make the purchase on this device I’d like to know if it will work with the Apple Airport Extreme basestation. This device has the ability of sharing devices over the network using its USB interface. I’ve used a Belkin 4-port USB Hub and having trouble with 3 Hard Drives hanging off it. It causes the drives to drop off and in some cases it has hung the basestation.

My belief is the Hubport/4c DC is a bit more industrial and should be able to handle the volume of data being transfered without causing the basestation to hang.

If anyone has proven knowledge of success or maybe at least can confirm it does work with the Apple device then please let me know.



I can’t say for sure because we don’t support Macs. My best guess is “yes” since we do not provide a driver for our Hubport/4c DC. In Windows, a generic hub driver already exists and that’s the driver that our Hubport/4c DC uses. Presumably it works the same way with Macs.