Autoconnect refused

I have a TS/16 and am configuring from the web interface. I want to use rlogin and have it login to the host as a specific user. When I set the “Connect As” to a certain digi user, I get

Autoconnect refused, could not resolve hostname

every time I press newline to that port. If I set the connect as to “none” rlogin works fine. The digi doesn’t seem to even send anything to the host. It seems like this is an error from digi, before it tries to communicate. I am using an ip address in the “Connect to” field.

Any help would be appreciated.

It would be a good idea to call or e-mail Tech Support on this one, as we’ll probably need to take a look at your config file, find out what version of firmware you’re using, etc. The phone number for Tech Support is 952-912-3456, or you can use the online support request form here: