Beginner: Cannot get connection via X2

I have a ConnectportX4 set up as a coordinator with a hard coded PAN ID. It has a static IP Address of

I have a ConnectportX2 with the router firmware,(latest), installed. It has the same hard coded PAN ID as the X4. It has a static IP of

I have an Industrial Automation table in the X4, using MODBUS TCP/IP as the message source with “Send to a Xbee device” selected as the destination. I have the extended address of 00:13:a2:00:40:a4:a7!, which is the X2, in the message destination extended address field under Xbee Settings.

I have uploaded the, files to the X2 and set autostart on the files.
I have uploaded an address.txt file to the X2 that contains,

I have a Quantum PLC with a static IP of
It is connected to the ConnectportX2 with an Ethernet Cross-Over cable.

I am attempting to poll the PLC using Modscan32.exe. I am attempting to poll the Quantum PLC by setting up a connection type "Remote MODBUS TCP Server, at, (the X4 ip adress), with device ID of 1.

All I can get out of this is that the X2 will go active if I do an “Identify Device” function from the X4. But I get no activity on the X2 if I use MODSCAN32.

All cables, ip addresses, etc. have been verified as working.

I have followed the instructions on the DIGI wiki site to the letter.

Any one who has a suggestion…please do!

I moved your thread to the Digi Python scripts area. I’ve made a suggestion in your support case today as well.

Have you taken an IA trace on the X4 to see what is happening? Is the X4 even sending anything to the X2? This is done via telnet to the x4, then run the
“Set trace state=on mask=ia:*” command

You could also do a mesh trace on the X2 to see if it is receiving anything.
“Set trace state=on mask=mesh:*” command

I suspect the X4’s config is bad and it has not been sending anything out ever.

Hi Lynn,

Just so you know, I have followed Michael’s suggestions to the letter, and now cannot even get MOPDSCAN to maintain a connection to the X4. I can ping the X4 with no issues, but MODSCAN will not connect, keep getting a TCP timeout error.

I am attaching the files I sent him, there is a read me first.txt file that explains everything I have done today.

I appreciate everything you all have done to help me out.