Best way to measure AC voltage on BL2610

I’m using a BL2610 to measure DC inputs from a system. One of the system components involves a couple of 110VAC relays that I’ll be energizing via the BL2610 analog outputs. I’d like to be able to measure the relay’s AC voltage using the BL2610 to verify that the relay has power. Obviously there are no AC inputs though for the BL2610. Short of using an expensive AC/DC signal conditioner module, what would the best way to have the BL2610 detect that 110VAC power is indeed applied to the relay? I’m thinking something like a rectifier maybe that would just generate a DC voltage output for an AC voltage input. Any ideas on an easy and inexpensive way to do that which doesn’t involve building a circuit? If you have any DigiKey p/n that would be great too.


The easiest solution is a diode (1N4004) followed by a voltage divider (20:1 = 190K:10K should work) and capacitor. This simple circuit will change the AC to low voltage DC which the BL2610 can measure.