Best Xbee wifi solution right now?

Hello. I am considering Digi products for a project. I used the original XBee modules a long time ago and was happy with them.

I am a bit confused about the present state of Wifi offerings.

Our project will involve a few nodes we plan to connect with any low cost Xbee through hole module (we need them in sockets for now, so the new surface mount modules will not work). I assume we will use one of the XBee3 modules for this.

For uplink to the cloud, the product needs to accept either Cell or Wifi module. The new XBee3 cellular modules look good, but I’m not sure what I would use for the Wifi.

The end device will have the socket populated with either the XBee cellular module or the XBee Wifi module depending on location.

We need to use a solution that is compatible with Digi’s present remote management software. We don’t want to have a special caveat when using Wifi based device.

I assume the normal XBee mesh modules that have been available since forever will connect to both of these Cell or Wifi modules and said module will route traffic up to the cloud.

It would also be a huge bonus if any of these devices also do BLE.

Thanks for any clarification!

Please contact Digi Sales at

They can help you understand what products exists.