BL2610 time out on anaOutPwr(1)


i have a strange problem.
i have an application running without errors, all i have done is change the
power supply.
i use 12V 0.8A this should fit for the wolf but when i get to the command
anaOutPwr(1); the program stops and i get an timeout when i am debugging
or a reset when it’s stand alone.

I know it is a power supply problem because i didn’t had this before.
I used to use a 12V batt that could provide 1,1A max, but i never got to that point.
Or did i on the command just for a very short time get to 1A?

any body any ideas?
thx, cause i quite lost at this point

The BL2610 is rated at up to a 12W current draw, which means if you’re using a 12V supply, it should have a minimum of 1A supply capability. The battery both met this current requirement, and is better at load changes in current demand since it is a battery (basically a BIG capacitor). Transformer based power supplies are not as quick to react and will be more sensitive to current changes, especially when under-rated. The other thing you could try is to make sure all of the DAC’s are set to 0V before switching the DAC supply on, then set their voltages to where they need to be one at a time. If your system can live with the voltages being brought up independently, you could lower the maximum current change which might eliminate the problem.