blue screen with ionhub.sys


I use Anywhere usb v1.
It works very well with a dongle hasp and a vm on esx vsphere.
i would like add others keys on this box and share them with others pc.
I have made a vm on xp pro sp3 and i have connected anywhere usb on it
I have downloaded and installed the latest drivers.
It works very well.

After I have installed a software to share usb on several PC
I have tested 2 differents softwares and every time i have a blue screen.
It seems that it is ionhub.sys, which invokes the blue screen.

thank you

The reason you are seeing this blue screen happen is due to the hardware you are using, and what you are trying to do with the device. Currently, the only hardware that supports multiple PCs connecting to it at the same time is the AnywhereUSB/14. The other AnywhereUSB models do not support multiple PCs connecting to them at the same time.

You’re right jeremym.
I try to connect anywhere usb on my vm and after I try to share usb dongle with a software like usb-over-ip or usb-over-network


It sounds to me like you are trying to use some kind of 3rd-party “USB sharing” software on a USB device that’s connected to the AnywhereUSB. Is that correct? If so, what is the name of the software (both of them)?

In order to continue troubleshooting this issue, please open a support case with us. We will probably then give you instructions for getting a memory dump for analysis. You don’t have to put a lot of details into the support request - just make a reference to this forum post and I will personally fill in the details for you for our records.

If you don’t already have an account on our support site, please create one.

Hi jeremym,
I’ve opened a support case.
I’ve done a new try this morning.
I’ve installed usb-over-network software and after i’ve installed driver anywhere usb.
Installation has been avorted (blue screen)
It’s the same blue screen that I’ve posted in my first post.