Briging ports of Digi TS 1 MEI and TS 16 MEI

Hi. We are working with Digi not very long, so we have some questions.
I have power meters connected to Digi TS 16 MEI (rs-eternet) via RS485. Also we have Digi TS 1 MEI (RS-eternet)
I’m planning to collect data from meters using PC and rs232 com port.
Here is the picture with the scheme:
And here is the problem:
Digi TS 16 (device № 2) com ports can be adressed by IP and port. (ex: - port 1, - port 2 etc…). To create a brige I must give IP adress and TCP port to Digi TS 1 (device 1).
So when I create a brige, I can connect to only 1 port of Digi TS 16 (dev number 2).
To create brige to port 2, I must change port to 2102, and reboot Digi TS1. To create brige to port 3 - change to 2103, reboot and so on…
So the question is: How I can configure Digi TS 1 to have an access to any port in any time. It is possible?
Thank you.

Based on your diagram, it seems you could really benefit from configuring a menu so you can select the port to connect with on the PortServer TS 16.

This can be configured on the TS 1 unit using the web interface under the “User”, “Menus” option. You will use the command of “telnet 2101” to connect to port one. Add a menu item for each port you will connect with incrementing the socket number accordingly. Once the menu is complete, you will assign it to a user(s).

Ok! I’ll try this…

Ok. I have the menu. But before getting data I still need to login to TS1 to change connection.

But now question. How I can realize this:

  1. I request data from power meter (by power meter software.Each power meter have it’s own logical adress.
    ) from com1 (PC)
  2. The request must be sent to all ports of TS16 device.

I mean all pots must be available in the same time.