Hello all,
anybody with experience in connecting a RS232 RADIO REPEATER to a DIGI TS MEI or similar??

We want to control a repeater remotely, sending by TPCIP some IP PACKETS to the RADIO REPEATER connected by RS232 and then the RADIO REPEATER sends it by UHF of similar.

Is it possible?

thanks in advance

It sounds as though you will want to connect to the Radio via TCP using the TCP socket. The default base number for the ports is 2000. Port 1 would be 2001 and port 16 would be 2016. For example, using telnet you can connect directly to a radio repeater on port 1:

telnet (IP_OF_DIGI_TS) 2001

You will want to be sure the port on the Digi TS unit is configured to be passive, typically the “prn” (printer) setting is used. From the root prompt of the Digi TS unit:

#> set port dev=prn range=(port#)
#> kill tty=(port#)

Then simply point your application to the appropriate IP and TCP socket number.

Hope this helps.

Thank you very much.

I mean, I am going to send ip packets to the DIGI MEI , will the radio connected by 232/…/ understand it?

Thanks again

Yes. You will want to send your IP packets to the aforementioned TCP socket for the port the radio is connected to.