DTR signal during communication with PortServer TS MEI

Good afternoon, we are trying to control a RS232 device via a DIGI PortServer TS2 connected to a pc with windows XP.
We are encountering problems connecting to the device. The manufacturer of the device says that DTR signal must kept high during communication. What is the DTR default for DIGI PortServer TS MEI? Can it be changed?
INFN Torino

The default behavior would be that the DTR signal (being an output from the Portserver DTE serial port) would be HIGH when the serial port is opened, and LOW when the serial port is closed.

This would seem to meet the requirements of your RS232 device, since communication with the RS232 device could only occur with the Porserver serial port open, thus DTR would be driven high when you’re trying to talk to the RS232 device connected to it.