Broken xbee pro 900hp

I bought xbee module from ebay and its work but no more after a couple hours its get field and not working yet .
when i want to recover it by using you program XCTU the device become heat and the program dont recognize it any more .
so please help me to recover it or explain why it get high in temp so .
Its for my graduation project and i dont have any time to wait another 30 days to buy new one so please help me with your options .

First off, EBay is not where you by Electronics. Not if you want it to be covered under any type of warranty. Not unless the manufacture is the one selling it.

Next, what is the exact part number of the radio in question?

What are you connecting the radio to in order to connect it to a PC or other device?

What voltage level does that other device operate at?

Thanks for answer .

  • Part number is - XBee PRO S3B 900 HP MHz 250mW Module i guess .
  • And I’ve connected it to my Laptop using XBee mini USB adapter then i measured the output voltage it was 3.3v as usual .
  • Maybe some thing like jumper or any metal make short circuit with its Pin i don’t know .
    and i said it was connected to my laptop using adapter witch mean 5v and the adapter convert it to 3.3v to be suit for xbee i thing .
  • I’ve searched deeply on the internet to recover it, and there is no enough experiences like this .
  • its go heat and its temp increase when i search for connectivity with my lap and thats made me confused and long time from searching there is no pootloader or any devise .
  • when i searching for any signal around me with the other one witch is work good i dont find any signal of course that mean the xbee in sleep mode .
    I hope i gave you full situation here .
    Thanks .