building from the command line

I’m curious on how I should build my uboot project from the command line. I’m using a ant script to build CE but I also need to build Uboot. Currently I launch VisStudio and select Digit Add-ins>U-Boot Manager. Then I navigate to where my uboot code is. Then right click on the folder and select either build or rebuild. I know that uboot uses the c:\cygwin420 folder. I have a build_settings.xml file that I assume I need to pass in.

There is a makefile in my source code. and I know there is a make.exe in the cygwin folder. I just want to be sure I’m building it with the proper parameters. Any help would be appreicated.


I ran make from our sources folder and it did build file u-boot-ccwmx51js.bin. However the file built through the gui was a little bigger than the one built by hand.
By command line build produced the u-boot-ccwmx51js.bin was 330kb and if I were to build in through VisStudio it will produce a file with 404kb. Any ideas on why these two pieces have different sizes?

I seem to recall that there was a bug in the script that VS runs that adds padding to the U-Boot image that doesn’t need to be there. But that was a long time ago. It could be that bug you are seeing.