Can DIGI Portserver TS using Realport send a "Long Break"?

I am attempting to communicate with a GE Versamax Micro PLC which requires a “Long Break” be sent before an “attach message” from the driver can be accepted.
I’m using GE IGS v7.514 as the communication driver and a DIGI Portserver TS 16 with the port configured for Realport.
I’m not sure what a “Long Break” looks like but the first transmission from the driver is the “attach message.”
Can the DIGI Realport be configured to send this “Long Break”?
GE documentation says a “Long Break” is three character times base on baud rate. Baud is 19200 in this case.

Since the RealPort driver simply creates a serial port designed to operate as a built-in serial port, I suspect that if it is possible on your native serial port, then it should also be possible with the Realport serial port.

I want to know if the DIGI itself can be configured to do this.
The GE PLC documentation defines the “long break” as holding the TX signal in the Mark state for three character times (based on baud rate).
I’m assuming the driver is trying to do this (i have a case with GE to find out) but I suspect it’s not going through. That’s why I want to know if I can configure the DIGI to send the long break signal itself before it transmits signals from the driver.

Perhaps the following knowledge base article might prove useful: