Can I control Zigbee HA device with XBee/Zigbee modules S2C Pro?


I am very new to Zigbee network. Still learning and discovering how to build home automation system to control lights, power sockets,…

Well, I set my goals very high, and hope to learn as much as I can while trying to achieve my goal.

I would like to clear some things before buying new devices.
I understand (i hope I am right) that Zigbee is just protocol which basically know how to transfer data from one side to another. On higher level there is a Smart Energy, Home automation profile, which is more like an application layer.

My concern is:

  • Will I be able to communicate with HA and Smart Energy devices.
    For example:
    Xiaomi Aqara, Zipato devices,

If I try to answer this question, I would say YES, but only If you can understand the data you get using my XBee S2C Pro modules.
Then I ask myself. Would I understand the packet received from HA compatible device?
YES this is standard profile (same goes for Smart Energy).

But is this really true? Are those data really open to anyone (no encryption)?

Can you please clarify a bit?