Can i customize the pinout using a DigiConnect ES?


I have a Digi Connect ES 4,4+1 SB and I would like to remotely (using Digi Realport - or the webUI of the Digi Connect) configure a custom pinout for the RS-232 ports. This would prevent me from having custom rj-45 cables between my serial devices and the Digi Connect. Is this possible? If not, what would be the alternatives? Is it possible to do it directly on the /dev/tty_dgrp_** using some software?

I saw it was possible using other hardwares here:

Thank you!

The Connect ES supports the Digi typical RJ45 10 pin pinout, including the ability to set or unset Altpin to switch the location of DSR and DCD.

The link you provide is to a third party software package. Its a software only solution, not an actual hardware-based serial port so it’s not directly comparable.

Hi, thank you for your answer.

So if I understand well I can only switch DSR and DCD (using Altpin) but not the other pins?

I am not a specialist of RS-232 and serial ports (tty/COM) but is it possible to switch those other pins at a software level instead of a hardware level (the rj-45 pins)? I mean, after creating the virtual serial port using Digi RealPort, can someone change the pins using the /dev/tty_*** interface? Or maybe using more low-level interface (UART?).

Thank you!