Cannot Connect to ASC/2 Ethernet Connect ME

This card only contains an Ethernet port. I’m using a crossover cable directly from the computer to the digi card and the specific discovery device for the card itself. It doesnt seem to be able to find the device

Is there a default IP on these cards. Do I need to set my computer to a certain IP/Subnet/gateway.

I am not sure which version of the Connect ME you have.

There are two basic types of ME modules, the “S” or standard ME that uses the NDS (Plug-n-Play) firmware and the “C” or custom ME that uses the NET+OS firmware. Discovering and/or recovering the two types of modules require totally different methods.

The “S” (aka: Standard, NDS, Plug-n-Play) modules are “discoverable” with the “Digi Device Discovery” tool available in Digi’s Integration kit.

The “Digi Device Discovery” tool will not “discover” custom or “C” modules. You need to run NETOS programmer (available in the NET+OS Development kit) to discover “C” modules.

In order for “Digi Device Discovery” to discover nodes on a network, any and all firewalls (both hardware and software) and anti-virus software must be disabled. The modules first need to be running on an unsecure or a open network during the setup process.

One of the primary reasons why two different programs are required is the key needed to discover the module. “S” modules use “DGDP” and the “C” modules identify with “DKVT”.