Cannot establish MAC address or Device ID for an XB ProS2B or XB S2C

I am completely stuck on the simple task of adding a XB ProS2B or XB S2C to the Remote Manager as I seem to be ‘missing’ the Discover option listed in the Support article when I select ‘ADD DEVICE’, and cannot work out how to discover the Device ID or MAC address. I realize this is a very simple question, but I have put several hours in trying to solve it myself, so a pointer to an article would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Richard

These devices do not have direct internet access. These devices require a Gateway acting as a Coordinator or Router to allow them to be seen by the Device Cloud.

You also add them via the Gateway by bring up the web UI of the gateway and doing a Discovery.

Also note that this are Zigbee Mesh enabled devices. In order for them to establish a network and pass data back and forth, one of the nodes MUST be a Coordinator.