New connectport X2D - unable to discover any ZB devices

Hi, sorry in advance if this is a very basic question.

I am a little confused with setting up a new X2D ZB Router.

Currently, I have both an X2D and an X4 ZB routers and a wall plug type temp/light sensor ( xbr-001-06 ).

In the Digi remote management site if I remove all devices and add the X4 and then go to the “XBee Networks” page. I can see the X4 details and its role is a “Coordinator”. I can then do a discover and see the wall plug sensor appear in the list. ( in XBee Networks page )

My problem: If I remove all devices again and add the new X2D router to the Digi remote management site I can see the device listed and is connected, in the “Devices” page. But in the “XBee Networks” page there is no entry at all. Strangely if I then add the X4 to “Devices” and in turn navigate to the “XBee Networks” page the X2 will then show in the list as a “router” for the role (as opposed to Coordinator for the X4).

In summary, I can’t seem to add the X2D to the “XBee Networks” page and then do a discovery for the wall plug sensor in the same way as the X4.

What I expected: I thought I could add the X2D to “Devices” then in “XBee Networks” page see the X2D listed and perform a discover for ZB devices/sensors in the same way as I could with the X4.

Please help - I am hoping the issue is a simple setting that I have missed.

Thank you for you time

That is because the New X2D is configured as a Router and not a Coordinator. Only coordinators can establish networks. To resolve this, enable the CE command on your X2D and then issue a Global network reset (ATNR1) on your other XBee modules. This will tell them to release the current coordinator and network settings and go search for a new Coordinator.

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Thank you, your reply has fixed my problem :slight_smile: