End Devices Joining Routers in ZB stack 2

i have installed the folowing scenario:
1- 25 EDs with ZB firmaware stack2 (Sleep Period= 10 s)
2- 4 Routers with ZB firmware stack 2
3- 1 Cordinator with ZB Stack 2 firmware (Connectport X2)
with the latest available FW for CP X2 installed

I face the following:
1- when I browse Xbee network link on the CP X2 i cannot see the complete list of joined EDs

1- is there a way to tell if a certain ED has joind a certain Router
2- is there a way to redirect EDs that joind the Coordinator directly to rejoin the network through a certain assigned router
3- is there a way to diagnose why some EDs are not listed in the Cordinator( CP X2 ) web page even with multiple discover netwrork clicking

can you please help?