Can't read parameters from some ZB SMT modules

Hi all,

I’m having some intermittent trouble reading from my brand-new ZB SMT modules. Some of them I can pop into my dev board and read with X-CTU just fine, but others I can’t. These are all new and unused. Is there something else to check or look for?

Check the baudrate (9600 or 115200). Also it could be caused because of the module being configured as EndDevice, so it would sleep periodically (SP parameters), push Commissioning button once to awake module for 30 seconds and try with XCTU. Also, you can push Commissioning button four times so the module will be reset with factory defaults.

I checked the baudrate repeatedly (all of them, in fact) to no avail. I also tried repeatedly to read parameters after pushing the Commissioning button, to no avail. However, randomly after about the 10th time, it did actually read all the parameters (it was not configured as an end device and had no sleep parameters set), and I was able to write the PAN ID, but I have not been able to read it again since. What’s going on here?!

O_O. That’s a very strange behavior. It it happens only with one module in the same XBIB? Is it a USB or a DB9?