XBee ZB SMT test/query error

Hi all,

I just buy some XBee ZB SMT module. I used 2 module to transfer data ok.
However, next day, have a problem it is when I test/query button the software didn’t receive XBee module. Please help me.

Thank you,

Hello Tung,

Has the module the SM value set different from ‘0’? I mean, is it an end-device. Usually the problem is that the module is sleeping and not listening to the UART, press commissioning button once to wake it up for 30 seconds, or four times to reset the module to the factory defaults and let us know.

Best regards,

Hello Sebastián.-,

Perhap on setup process, i changed value of SM. However, I unplug power of module, and plug againt the result is error. On the test/query process fail, the X-CTU software have displayed an message. I work follow help (press reset button then release) the software only read ID of module