XBee SMT module : how to unlock brick module


I’m suing SMT version of module.

I update them on the air (firmware upgrade and settings).

Sometimes, firmware upload failed, so the module doesn’t respond anymore.

I already unlocked non-SMT module with X-CTU and reset.

But with SMT I’m stuck.

Is there any way to reset to factory defaults the module ?

Please help me to unlock these.

I’m not afraid of an hardware solution.


Digi does sell SMT versions of the XBIB board - if your SMT module is not soldered down.

Are you designing your own hardware?

I have designed a few XBee carriers, which all use some form of ‘selector’ (like 74x157 or 251) so that the RX/TX pins can be accessed via an FTDI ‘USB to 3.3v’ cable, which allows running XCTU against the XBee while in place on the board.