I am testing to a prbable integration, the XB, ZB S2C SMT
I tryed with X-CTU to change DIO13 (dout) and DIO14 (din) to mode 3 (Input digital)
It seems that it worked. but X-CTU cannot communicate to it anymore
I tryed over the aire to change them to mode 1, the command works. but it hangs and I can not send “WR” command to keep the result. I must reset…
I’am not probably the first persone that had this issue.
Can someone say to me that there is a solution or I should trash the digi module!

Thanks in advance

PS: I tryed also “RE” (reset to factory) command over the aire it hangs…

Yes, setting DIO13 to output (4 or 5) and DIO14 to input (3) will disable your UART because you have told the XBee you don’t want UART function. Both of those need to be set to ‘1’, which should be the default.

I would try to use XCTU to force a new firmware update without trying to read the Xbee first. XCTU should pop up that ‘press reset’ button, which might help you recover.

Otherwise, look into the ZB SMT manual at the “XBee Bootloader” section (Page 137 in rev 90002002_C manual). Forcing a weird serial break condition during a hw reset is supposed to ‘disable’ the Digi firmware and put the S2C into a raw bootloader mode, which allows XCTU to reflash the unit & hopefully recover default settings.

If you have a second XBee (on XBIB or XStick), then setting it to API mode allows XCTU to run the ‘remote config’, which means you start talking to the local XBee, but if it can join with your broken one you should be able to use ‘remote config’ in XCTU to read all setting from the bad XBee.