Changing ZS and EE in one step

My situation is the following:
I have one XStick1 coordinator with ZS 2 and EE 1.
I have one XBee router with ZS 0 and EE 0.
I have one XStick2 coordinator with ZS 0 and EE 0.

I want the XBee to join XStick1.
To accomplish this I have to use the XStick2 and set ZS and EE accordingly, but I have to set ZS 2 first and then also change the XStick2 to ZS 2 so I can set XBee’s EE to 1.

Is there a way around having to change the configuration of XStick2 by changing both ZS and EE before XBee drops out of the XStick2 network?

If you you are using AT command mode, you can change any command you want without it taking affect until after you exit command mode. The only exception to this is the network reset command (NR). This means that providing you do not exit command mode, you can set both the ZS and EE functions and have them both take affect at the same time once you exit command mode.