Checkpoint appliance console connection issues

Hi all,

Having problems using a digiconnect SP connected to a Checkpoint IP152 appliance. Serial console connection on appliance is a DB9. I’m using the SP as a terminal connection to the appliance via serial connection for “remote control”. I ssh to the SP and connect to port 1. This works fine when cold booting both devices, but if a reboot the appliance I get garbage on the screen when the appliance comes back up. Serial port settings are 9600, 8, n, 1, n as recommended by Checkpoint and the same on the SP. Only way to fix is to power down the checkpoint appliance and then back on. It seems to hose the console when its failing. I can even move the cable to a PC serial port and it still shows garbage. Again, it takes a hard boot to fix. Reboots are fine if connected to a PC using Hyperterm. Any ideas?