Code 38 (Win10 + WinSrv2012R2) driver already in memory so cannot be loaded

I just got a AnywhereUSB/2 device. I tested it an was all excited as I tried it on my desktop and 2 VMs. Then I went to show a co-worker and nothing… After investigation, it appears I am seeing the Code38 driver memory error. Nothing seems to fix this but a reboot. I JUST got it today so I have the latest package and checked and it’s the latest firmware on there already. I have tried multiple ways of disconnecting (through the web, with a device unplugged, etc…) but nothing.

Is this the right solution or should I find another vendor? Another post said it was an issue with VMware but I have the same issue on my desktop.

Keep in mind that the AWUSB/2 model can only be connected to one computer (physical or virtual) at a time. Be sure that only one computer is attempting to connect, by clearing out all entries in the Connection List (Edit / Connection List) of any “other” computers that have the AWUSB software installed, that may be conflicting.

Also, a good way to start testing this device is by ensuring that there are no attached USB devices, initially. You can confirm that the AWUSB is connected by making sure the two USB Port LEDs are on (solid Green). If you get to that point, then attach some USB devices to see how they work. I recommend starting to test with simple, common, known-compatible USB devices like USB mice and keyboards.

P.S. Windows 10 and VMware are both compatible.