cold booting the OP7200

I’m new to these embedded standalone systems. Nowhere can I find how to download my program to the OP7200 so that it can run as a standalone system. Everything is working splendidly, digi IO, touch, AtoD, DAC etc

I have an uneasy feeling that I am missing something important. color me currently:confused:

Um, somehow i missed the fact that all i had to do was unplug the programming cable !! :smiley:

On page 22 of the “Rabbit 2000� Microprocessor Designer�s Handbook” I found:

  1. If the programming cable is removed and the target board is reset, the user�s program will start running automatically because the BIOS will check the SMODE pins to determine whether to run the user application or enter the debug kernel.

Now I know this is not rocket science. And I have been at this for a while (I bought my first six transistors in 1956 – 2N107’s at $5 each). But I would have thought that this could have been mentioned in the eDisplay “(OP7200) � VGA Operator Control Panel User�s Manual 019�0116”