Command Mode while Module is asleep


I have the need to put the module into command mode, but can not enter command mode while the module is asleep (SM = 8). The modem is housed inside a PDA, and I need the capability to reprogram the settings in the modem in case we decide down the line to change something.

I know my Commmand mode programming software works when the modem is in “Idle Mode”. When in sleep mode occaisionally the modem will wake up and I can reconfigure the modem but I think this is just dumb luck. Can the modem only wake up during it’s periodic state where it is looking for messages on the network? Shouldn’t an incoming message from the host be able to wake this thing up?

That is dependent upon what sleep mode you are using. If you are using cyclic sleep, then neither RF or serial data will wake the module up while it is suppose to be asleep. However, if you use Pin sleep or serial port sleep, the PC side of the UART connected to the radio can wake that local ready up and modify its settings.