Communicating between Xbee S2 radio module and Telegesis ETRX3USB

Hi experts,
We are trying to communicate between Xbee S2 radio module and Telegesis ETRX3 Zigbee USB Modem.

We are able to configure Xbee S2 as router using X-CTU Software setting the Destination low and high address to the serial number of Telegesis USB. Also setting its PAN ID to be the same as Telgesis USB PAN ID obtained on (AT+EN)

But we are not able to scan for the available PAN IDs.

Please confirm us whether Xbee S2 and Telegesis R3xx can communicate, if so, please guide us on what could be the possible configuration and AT commands to be used to achieve the same.

Thanks in advance,

Digi and Telegesis devices can usually be made to communicate with each other. Contact for further help