Communication between XBee Wi-Fi and PC through a router


Can I send/receive data between XBee Wi-Fi and a PC through a router without using the Cloud, I mean directly over the router?

If yes, how?


hi there,

yes. You can have both xbee wifi and PC associate with the same access point and communicate without the cloud.

Hey kjensen8:

Thanks a lot for the quick response.

Could you please guide me a little bit on this?

I just want to have the XBee Wi-Fi to collect some data and then send it to my computer so the computer can make some calculations…

I have an intermediate programming background. Is there any Wi-Fi library that helps me do this?

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It is fairly simple on the xbee wifi side, set up access to router, set up destination (i.e. PC) and then send text through. On the PC side, though, you need to know how to accept TCP connection and extract message from sockets. I don’t know the PC side. I usually leave that to network programmer or server software.

If you don’t know too much about programming PC TCP connections, just get another xbee-wifi module and have the two talk with each other. Then text comes out of the xbee-wifi’s serial port. You can easily get that and process it. Any programming language can easily handle serial port, include MS excel and java (using native library).

Hi everyone,
I am very interested in this topic (xbee to PC without cloud).
Is this scenario doable as “liudr” suggested above: 1 xbee attached to PC and 10 other wifi xbee sending text to the 1 on the PC side (Windows)?
Please point me on the right direction.