Configure Sarian MR2110 to connect to T mobile

Hi. I’m very new to this technology and I know my query is very simple to you guys out there. I’ve just bought a MR2110 and would like to use it to be able to view a PTZ IP camera over the internet. I have two T mobile sim cards but really don’t know where to start. Can some kind person out there help me please. I have connected the MR2110 to my laptop and can get into the configuration menu.

Hi Billy,
By the sounds of it, you are wanting to configure port forwarding to access the PTZ camera on the LAN.
This is explained in document QN4, here:

However, in the UK, assuming you are using the APN then your T-Mobile SIMs will be allocated a private IP address. In this case port forwarding is not going to be suitable by its self.
In this situation, you will need the MR2110 to build a VPN to another router on the internet that does have a public IP address. Then you will be able to send traffic to the router on the public address and forward traffic over the VPN to the MR2110 and the PTZ camera behind it.