Configure XBEE through "Connectport X2 ZB ethernet" CLI

I want to configure the XBEE parameters through the command line but I get a message saying “XBee network not available (Gateway is disabled, -90)”. I am connected via Telnet over a local network.
I can’t find anything to solve this questions in documentation:

There are two things you can’t change on the local XBee on a gateway. One is the baud rate the 2nd is API mode. The module is already in API mode.

Are you able to see the XBee network via the WebUI?

I can’t see the networks through the connectport webUI.
I need to change the API mode to 1 because configuring the connectport from a configuration file modifies this parameter on the radio and I need to reconfigure the radio through XCTU.
With the radio connected to the gateway and through XCTU I can modify the API mode.

The firmware on the Gateway requires that the XBee module mounted inside of it be set to API mode 1 and a baud rate of 115.2kbps. You will need to leave it at these values.

Setting API mode to 1 and a baud rate to 115.2kbps doesn’t allow me to change other parameters such as the ID

Have you rebooted since setting the API mode and baud rate back to 1 and 7?