Configuring 3 x DIGI 900HP RF MODEMS in a Point to multi point with XCTU software tool

Hi Team ,

Very new to this type of stuff and playing with a little project on the farm. I have 3 x DIGI 900HP RF Modems with RS485 Protocols installed in 3 different locations. 2 x units(Raw water intake from rivers) will act as routers and one will be the coordinator(Main plant) . Each Unit is connected to a Datran RTU unit which has sensors connected for monitoring water quality. 2 x of the Units needs to relay data received from the RTU units at the river intakes to the main RTU at the farm’s water treatment plant.

The 2 x River intakes has a Yagi High gain antenna and the main plant has a Omni High gain whip installed. I have direct line of sight and only one of the sites has a row of trees in between. The distance between the 3 sites averages around 4km.

Can someone please shed some light on how to configure this correctly and how to establish the connection between the 3 sites while installed in their locations.

I would suggest the following:

All radios set to CE 2 and TO 40

TO 40
DL = SL of the base
DH = SH of the base

The base is by default configured to broadcast to all radios in range.

Thank you. Will give it a shot tomorrow .

Do I leave the PL in 0 or 4 and do I leave the AP in 0,1 or 2 ?

When I’ve updated the configuration and I connect to the Main radio at Plant and switch to networking mode and scan for other device I assume the other two radios should appear on the network if in range ? (FYI - I do not have RTU’s connected to their respective radios yet)

Also , If my ‘base’ at the plant only needs to receive data from the two remotes and not send any should I not have the base CE set as a coordinator?

No, you do not need to use CE mode.

It is up to you on if you use API mode or not. Just understand that API mode requires you to use API frames to send data. Transparent mode does not. It just acts as a cable.

If the radios are close to each other, then PL 0 is fine. But if you are trying to get any distance, then you should leave PL at default value.