Confiigure a Router in sleep mode?

Can I configure a Router Device in Sleep Mode?
Actually, I use my Router only to get samples of a temperature sensor as well as the supply voltage, and I send it to the coordinator.
It wouldn’t be a problem to convert my Router Device to an End Device (and put it as in sleep mode), but I’ve had some problems configuring my devices as end devices, because they become unusuable…
I use Xbee S2, model: XBP24-Z7WIT-005revH…
Thanks in advance

Hi, The XBee S2 module is the ZigBee module and as per the ZigBee Standard the Router cannot be put in the sleep mode, as Router need to be always mains powered. The only device in the ZigBee network can be in the slepp mode is End Device, which means to be working as battery powered devices.

I hope if you program your XBee as End Device then it can help you to put in the aleep mode.

Now here comes my question, what you are exactly planning by putting XBee module as End Device? What is your application?

In case of IO sampling there are many sampling techniques that can be used. e.g. queried sampling, periodic sampling, IO change detect sampling