Connect Core 6UL ENET 1588_EVENTn configuration


I’m using the IOMux tool, and I’d like to have a few of the 1588_EVENTn pins routed out, however when I select the 1588 Ethernet component, it forces you to include 4 input capture/output compare 1588_EVENT pins. Why can I not select how many of these pairs I want?

These pins each have their own alternates which I can use for something more useful. Is there a reason you must have 4 pairs routed? Can I just modify the generated device tree to change the pairs I don’t want to different alternate pins more useful to me? Or is there something more critical I’m missing.


reference documents:

I don’t think there is any specific reason. At the time we made that interface, we didn’t know it was possible to choose the number of pairs instead of adding all of them. I guess this should be a configuration setting (to choose the number of pairs).

Okay, that’s what I more or less figured. Thanks for the reassurance. I’ll just manually edit the outputs of the tool then to compensate for now.