Connecting PortServer TS to Windows PC

Maybe I’m trying to use the port server in a way it’s not intended, or don’t understand the instructions. Will appreciate anyone pointing me to documentation that will help.
I’m trying to connect a Windows pc to our network via a Digi TS device (we have 2 porters and 16 porters).
The reason I don’t connect the pc directly to the network is the operating system is no longer supported and therefore not allowed on the domain. Typically, we’re able to dial into the pc’s with pcAnywhere, but this is a slow and unreliable method. How do I set up the Digi server to allow such a connection? Can the digi be a pass-through that duplicates the modem connectivity, but via ethernet, instead?

It sounds like you might be interested in the Modem Emulation functionality. Take a look at page 40 at the following link:

See also page 263 of this manual:

I’m still stuck with this. Possibly I have to try different pinouts on the cable, though the one I’m using works with serial to digi connections on non-Windows pc’s. I’ve been using pcAnywhere. Is there a proprietary program that Digi uses for pc-to-pc sessions such as this?

You would want to use Modem Emulation profile to allow a ppp link from your off-network Windows box.

The Windows box itself would be setup for Dial-Up Networking, using PAP/CHAP, rather than the Microsoft PAP/CHAP protocols since we don’t support the Microsoft-specific versions of those protocols.

Would I then connect using Remote Desktop instead of remote control software, such as pcAnywhere?
Thanks to all for the replies.

Once PPP is working, you’d connect using any network protocol or application you’d normally use over an IP network.