Connecting to the xbee s6b wifi chip using an HCS12 board

I am a student who is unfamiliar with xbee chips, but for a project I am attempting to connect an HCS12 board to a webserver using the xbee s6b wifi chip. However, I have run into problems. I thought I would be able to set up the chip using the XCTU software, but when I put the chip on the HCS12 board and try to connect to the software, the program cannot find the chip. Is there another way to set up this chip? Or a way to connect to the software using the HCS12 board? Any help is appreciated

No, the HCS12 boards are not designed to act as an RS232 or USB to XBee adapter. You need to use a board such as an XBIB-U-DEV or a XBee Grove board or an XBee Explorer board. Just make sure that which ever of these boards you get, it has all of the required lines for writing firmware. Otherwise you will have issues.