ConnectME-C JTAG evaluation board does not response


Help please to identify the problem.
I have just purchased an evaluation kit. I have connected JTAG to device and was able to connect to it, view memory, program and debug the application.

But, after I have pressed the reset button, the ConnectME module stopped to response. The JLink commander is saying that “unable to halt AMR core”.

I have tried to set maximal speed of the JTAG. Does not help:(
Is there any other way to determine what is wrong with CPU?

The Jtag LED is of ORANGE color. (Jtag LINK v8).

Please help me to solve this problem.

Replying to myself :slight_smile:

The problem was with the reset signal. Somehow (I don’t know exactly why this happens), the RESET signal was low that caused a permanent reset to the CPU. I have just shortened the reset pin to +3.3V - via a Test point which is tied to reset pin using a resistor.

The bad thing I have discovered in board schematics data sheets is that there are mistakes in documentation.

Hope this will help somebody who encountered similar problems.