ConnectPort X2 default firmware

I’m not quite sure where to post this and I am also new to this forum.

I have a ConnectPort X2 that was provided as part of the initial TXU iThermostat roll out. I have subsequently moved to a new home and terminated that contract.

So I now have this box that I believe I’m hoping I can repurpose as a generic ZigBee gateway for the Control4 automation system I have inherited.

The problem I have is this: There is apparently a custom firmware version installed on this as the default password for root is not what is documented in the Digi documentation. I’ve been digging and can’t seem to find what it would be set to. I also can’t seem to find clear documentation with regards to a MOP to load the default factory firmware on this device.

If anyone can provide either the TXU root password or a method to flash the default Digi firmware for this I would be greatly appreciative.

Thanks in advance.

You will need to contact TXU regarding this product.