Console access through the RJ45 Jack

On the 9210 is it possible that when not in use for ethernet that you could use the RJ45 jack as a serial interface for making configuration changes and interacting with the unit? An example of this would be using a standard cisco console cable to connect from the serial interface on your computer then interfacing via RJ45 to the digi’s port. I am sure that I have worked with an AP that did this but I can’t for the life of me find it. So I figured I would ask.



It is possible to redirect the standard console output to the ethernet port rather than the serial port, but the output is ethernet not serial.

This uses the udpdb driver; you need
set in bsp_drivers.h
#define BSP_STDIO_PORT “/udpdb/0”
in bsp_sys.h

The effect of this is to route all standard printf output to the ethernet port.

You then need the “udpdb” utility (in the “C:
etos74\src\utilities\udpdb” directory) to monitor the output.

This is only an output channel, but it may be helpfull for what you need

If you’re not talking about using udp as mentioned above, then no, you can’t use the Ethernet connector as a serial interface, it’s physically not wired up to be a serial port.

Thanks for the replies. I am curios though. We use Cat5 all the time to extend RS232 signal. Both are 8 Wire. Could I not somehow wire the serial interface to the correct pin placement on the Ethernet jack? I do not want both serial and Ethernet at the same time just one or the other.

Essentially I am trying to avoid putting a stand alone serial interface on the outside of my product to control the digi interface.

Any thoughts or blatantly honest comments about what a dumb idea this is woudl be great :slight_smile: