Coordinator flux

When a coordinator gets re-flashed, etc. it often comes up with a different 16-bit operating network ID. This causes me to lose many of my end devices and routers for a bit. For most devices I have enabled Network Watchdog (WD) in hopes that this will speed up its recovery, as well as Channel Verification (JV). This seems to have helped a little, but this option doesn’t appear to be available on my analog I/O adapter. I’m wondering: why is that?


Hello Chris,

I think this topic is more suittable for the Zigbee Pro featureset (ZB) forum. About your question, I think that ATJV is only available in routers. Best regards,

Thanks. The organization of these forums still isn’t quite clear to me. The spam, and the lack of e-mail notifications, is also problematic for me. I’ll send digi a quick note and see if I can prod somebody into a few hours of attention …