Corruption in modules

Hi there, I ,student of University Of Pune, working with xbee24 RF modules and while configuring those modules according to one of the user guide for xbee24 configuration, I followed whatever suggested, and after restarting system(computers) I found both RF modules corrupted, so now, when I am trying to communicate these RF modules, it is showing “unable to read” & “unable to write” and also it is showing communication error, so please help me out to restore the device.

What firmware version was on the xbee24 modules before they stopped working? What did you try to load on them and how/with what did you do it?

check the modules as per the procedure given

1.connect the modules to the computer and click on x-ctu button.
now select the com port of which the module is connected. on test/query option
the test/query will display the module configuration and the firm ware which is loaded into it.
if not the modules is damaged.

3.If it displays the firmware and the version number the modules is working fine.

4.then click on always update firmware option and select read button.

  1. then the modules should respond and show their loaded version into it.

the modules will be corrupted only when the firmware is loaded incorrectly.

we must select and upload the correct firmware to the modules.

for any other better help post the module numbers so that u can find the better answer