Debugger gdbserver

I’ve been using embedded Linux for some time now without problem, debugging small applications on the platform, using the debugger in ESP. Recently, something changed and I haven’t been able to debug, I get an error message to the effect that Connection has been refused on port 8086.

Target selection failed 8086: Connection refused

My problem is, I don’t know what the correct configuration for debugging is. I’ve reflashed the board with my own kernel build. When it all worked fine, I didn’t take much notice.

As far as I can tell, all of the configuration is correct. Should I be able to see gdbserver in the list of processes running, because I can’t? ‘Connection refused’ sounds like a permissions thing, but the configuration for the ftp transfer for the remote target is correct.

Target board is ConnectCore Wi-9P 9215, embedded Linux 5.2. Any ideas?

Anyone with any suggestions?