detecting portnames on Fedora (2.4.22) for edgeport4

We plugged in the edgeport4(DB25) to our fedora. Tne green LED is blinking. I assume this means that the Linux already had a driver for the device. The hardware browser screen also shows “Inside Out Networks Edgeport/4” in the “System devices” category.

How do we know what are the com port numbers assigned to these 4 ports (ttyS* or ttyUSB*)? Is there a tool in Linux that can list the new ports? any other method (apart from writing comm programs to try all combinations:-)?


Hi Toney,

If your Fedora computer is running a 2.6 kernel (you can tel by issuing the command “uname -a”), the Edgeport driver should be built in.

A blinking green System Status LED confirms that the driver is running.

Edgeport serial port 1 should be accessible as /dev/ttyUSB0, serial port 2 = ttyUSB1, and so forth.