Devices revert to unidentified after being identified.

I have two Load Control Modules one Thermostat and one In Home Display on a panel (this is for an educational curriculum) that are not cooperating.

When enrolling these devices via the Digi-SE website’s debug commands and through a ConnectPort X2E SE Gateway, they first appear unidentified, but then after a while they get identified. Okay, that’s fine I suppose, though it would be nice to know if there’s a way to speed this process up.

Now we get to the problem that I’m having. Standard operating procedure is to turn off the panel overnight to keep the water heater and pump from burning out. The next morning when the panel is turned on again, all of the devices show as unidentified in the Digi-SE’s Network Tree view. In an attempt to solve this problem I left the panel on overnight, but still only one device was identified the next morning.

So what do I need to do to solve this? Change the Gateway from a coordinator to a router, update the Gateway’s drivers, give everything a static IP address, something else? Because as it stands right now, the only option is to remove the devices from the network and then re-enroll them, which is not ideal.

Any help would be most appreciated.

To protect against interfering with CBKE, device discovery is supressed for a period after devices join. The suppression ends after a timeout (currently 255 seconds) or on receipt of a non-ZDO message from the device (time sync, firmware upgrade check, get dr events, etc). Appears to be an oversight to not end on positive confirmation that CBKE is complete. If your devices aren’t checking in with the gateway in some fashion immediately after completing CBKE might explain why they take a while to be discovered. If you contact me at should be able to get a workaround put together pretty quickly (assuming we can confirm this is the problem).

I’m a little more curious about the overnight problem. The gateway really shouldn’t be losing discovery info over time. Are you leaving the gateway on overnight and in the morning all the devices are showing up as unidentified? Not just with the red X to signify inactive?

You could also try decreasing ZDO_Device_Manager.refresh_interval in the registry. Its a broadcast so don’t go too low but 10-30 seconds should be OK on a demo network.