Different Image.bin between Net+OS 6.0 and 6.3

I originally had Net+OS 6.0 when I began development. I quickly upgraded to 6.3. However, the apps developed with 6.3 are refused when trying to upload them into a Digi-Connect ME -S module. The error says the header is invalid. Looking around on these forums, it would appear that the header needs to have “Digi” at offset 0xC0, and “OS” at offset 0xC8. Looking at an old build from 6.0, the image.bin file indeed has this. But for all new builds, as well as building the old source from the old build, this is not present, either in image.bin or image.uncompressed.

Any idea on how I can fix this so that I can load my applications into -S modules? Do I have to go back to 6.0 (and forego all of the bug fixes/changes from 6.3)?

Any help would be appreciated,


The Connect ME -S modules are not compatible with the application image produced by NET+OS 6.3.

As to how one can this image to work, the simplest solution is to replace the -S unit with a -C unit, which is the intended target for a NET+OS 6.3 application. Alternately, one could go down the path of creating one’s own platform, porting over the necessary tools and modifying the BSP makefiles so as to produce the appropriate application image.


I only have 50 of the old modules, all soldered onto boards, so for now I’ve back-ported to Net+OS 6.0. This seems to work, but I had to do some hacking in the rphttp serve code to get the AWS stuff to work.

So far so good, I’ve only killed one module. It can probably be recovered with the “ground pin 18” method, if I can safely remove it from the PCB. It flashes 225 when powered up, but I don’t know what that means. I can’t find the flash codes documented anywhere.

Take a look at errhndlr.h. It lists all the blink codes.

I would guess that 225 is a bad IP address or messed up NVRAM, check out your appconf.h.